Colorado LLC Setup Kit-Economy Option

Downlodable Do-It-Yourself Kit Colorado LLC Economy Option

Are you ready to form a limited liability company for your Colorado business? Sure, you can pay a local lawyer one or two grand. Or you can pay some online incorporation service several hundred dollars and wait several weeks for them to do their work. But there's a third, more economical and darn faster option...

You can just form your own limited liability company using a Downloadable Do-it-yourself Colorado Limited Liability Company Kit. Take the do-it-yourself route, and you'll not only get your LLC set up blazingly quick but you'll also save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Specifically, for $34.95 you can purchase the economy edition of the Downloadable Do-it-yourself Colorado Limited Liability Company Kit and then immediately download a 15+ page pdf document. The PDF document describes the benefits of using a Colorado LLC for your active trade or business and then explains in step-by-step fashion how to set up your Colorado limited liability company in a few minutes and how to get a federal tax identification number for your new LLC so you can start banking and other financial activities. The economy kit also comes with two sample LLC operating agreements--one for LLCs with a single owner, or member, and one for LLCs with multiple owners, or members.

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About the authors:

The Do-It-Yourself Colorado Limited Liability Company Kit documents were written by CPA Stephen L. Nelson and attorney Carl Baranowski.

Seattle CPA and LLC expert Stephen L. Nelson has been a CPA for twenty-plus years. He holds a masters in finance from the University of Washington and a masters in taxation from Golden Gate University. The author of numerous best-selling books about accounting and finance, Nelson has also taught LLC and subchapter S corporation tax law at Golden Gate University.

An attorney for two-plus decades, attorney Carl Baranowski has worked both as an in-house counsel and as a practicing attorney, serving both private and public real estate and high technology limited liability companies and corporations. Baranowski holds an MBA and JD from Stanford University and co-wrote the popular legal reference Representing High-Tech Companies (Law Journal Press, 2006).

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