Business Owners Tax Newsletter, December 2011

Need to reduce your small business tax burden?

Small business tax planning strategies in a monthly newsletter format... each issue should save a business owner hundreds or thousands in taxes...

If you don't know it already, small business owners are heavily burdened with federal and state taxes. And as a result, business owners need to work hard and smart to minimize this expense.

But while you might think that you can get the information you need from the business press, they usually don't give you actionable advice.

Then there's your tax accountant of course. But regularly a tax accountant doesn't provide all the tax tips and tricks you need either.

This reality led me to publish my monthly business owners tax newsletter. Specifically written for the business owner who wants to legally but effectively grind down his or her tax bill, each 4pp issue covers a simple yet powerful tax strategy that should save you anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars a year in taxes.

Tip: The website provides a free downloadable sample of the Business Owners Tax Newsletter.

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